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Rampart’s Avenir Communities Teams With Cisco to Build Canada’s First Smart+Connected Community November 3, 2011

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Vancouver, BC, November 3, 2011 – Rampart’s Avenir™ Communities Ltd. and Cisco® today announced they are collaborating in the development of the Rampart’s Avenir Community in St. Albert, part of the Edmonton Capital Region of Alberta. Together, Rampart and Cisco will direct the planning, design, construction and operations to create the new 400 acre Smart+Connected Community.

“Imagine living in a high quality community with a vibrant village center and unprecedented outdoor and indoor recreational facilities,” said Gerry J. De Klerk, CEO, Rampart Group of companies. “Built on a digital platform residents can work from within their community and travel to work on the digital highway. This Smart+Connected Community will be a leader in significantly reducing costs for employers and taxpayers while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint. Avenir will provide the best of digital connectivity and a state of the art transportation hub making physical travel as simple as a digital connection. The data utility’s advanced data management systems will make the Avenir™ community a model for continuous improvement in the use of community resources. This capability will be relying on the development of a one gigabit per second data utility infrastructure that provides residents and businesses access to the rapidly expanding digital world.”

“The success of a sustainable community depends on its ability to continuously improve its use of resources and access to services,” explained the Mayor of St. Albert, AB, Nolan Crouse. “The community has to attract business and innovation through a vibrant economic hub. St. Albert is focused on the development of new, more efficient methods of providing services and attracting business. St. Albert is recognized as the best place in Canada to raise a family and is one of the top five safest cities in Canada. Our goal is to extend St. Albert’s image to being the best place in Canada to work and operate a business.”

“Rampart’s Avenir is a perfect blank canvas in an ideal economic and geographic environment to design and implement the Smart+Connected Communities concepts and solutions,” said Rick Huijbregts, vice president of Smart+Connected Communities at Cisco Canada. “At Avenir, the network will be the platform for innovation, economic and environmental sustainability and the creation of new business opportunities in an information centric world. We look forward to sharing our global expertise and bringing together our global and local partner eco-systems to Avenir and the region as a whole”

Project Highlights:

· A $1.8 Billion new community where 10,000 residents and commercial enterprises will have access to the highest technological and environmental standards providing unprecedented value to those in the community. The design, quality, technological and environmental features will provide a flexible living experience that will cater to a diverse range of residents while setting the standard for future living.

· The community will be based on Cisco’s Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions whereby security, building automation, home automation, voice, video and data and IT services all converge on a single platform. Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities Solutions deliver new and innovative services to home owners, as well as opportunities and efficiencies in health care, education and clean technology. Cisco is helping many cities, towns and villages around the world to change the way they are designed, built and managed.

· At Rampart’s Avenir all services, business and residential as well as community experiences will be based on an ultra high speed network infrastructure. This so called “Data Utility” will connect the people and the features within the boundaries of Rampart’s Avenir. This community connectivity facilitates the ability to continuously improve the use of resources and access to services. This network is intended to reach into the city of St. Albert, neighbouring communities and businesses in order to provide unprecedented business, research, socio-economic and environmental opportunities. The network will also connect the community to Alberta’s Supernet.

· The community will be a place to live, work, recreate, where workers services can be provided to surrounding regions through the use of a data technology platform reducing the reliance on physical worksite presence. As a result Rampart’s Avenir Community is destined to be a vibrant hub for economic development in the Capital Region and the province at large.

· An innovative Smart Work Center, serving as a physical and virtual connection point with resource development projects in western and northern Canada is featured in the development. This center will enable residents to go to work at locations well outside the community without actually physically leaving the community.

Rampart’s Avenir™ Communities Ltd. is a $1.8 Billion advanced clean technology community development to be located in the City of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. The development brings to the community clear and viable opportunities for economic growth, increased quality of life and prosperity as well as investment for Alberta’s Capital Region. Rampart’s Avenir™ Communities Ltd is a member of the Rampart Group of Companies.

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Rampart’s Avenir™ Communities Ltd: gj@rampart-capital.com davidbromley@dbe2000.com

Mayor Nolan Crouse of St. Albert: City of St. Albert, The Botanical Arts City

Phone: 780-459-1606 Fax: 780-459-1591 e-mail: mayor@st-albert.net

Cisco Canada: rhuijbre@cisco.com



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Rampart Avenir™ Communities Ltd. today announced that it will host a Business Discovery Workshop to explore and discuss the business and economic opportunities of developing a 4th utility – a Data Utility – for communities of the future.

The workshop includes participants such as CISCO Systems, Taylor Warwick and Alberta Innovates
Technology Futures and other influential organizations interested in digital technology and takes place at the new Holes Enjoy Center in St. Albert, May 24 and 25th.

Current basic utilities include power, water and sewage. A Data Utility provides high speed, high volume, and open source electronic data capability to an entire community.

“By integrating a Data Utility into a community of the future we create significant improvements in efficiency management platforms for resources like energy, water and food,” says Gerry de Klerk, CEO of the Rampart Group of Companies.

“Rampart Avenir, intends to build such a Data Utility, to serve the new Rampart’s Avenir™ community development targeted for St Albert. This workshop explores the improved lifestyle and business opportunities surrounding this exciting concept of a Data Utility into communities of the future,” adds de Klerk.

Technology integrators like CISCO Systems call the Data Utility the 4th essential utility for any community. It creates significant business opportunities in tele-presence and platforms to manage key community resources.

It will also provide enhanced and alternative access to health, education, governance and entertainment services. Individuals will have the opportunity to live in the capital region yet work in northern resource development locations using electronic full-environment, virtual platforms.

“A workshop of this nature is key to identifying how future communities will manage their resources and provide services much more efficiently using, in particular, digital technologies,” says Dr. Axel Meisen, Chair of Foresight at Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and a participant in the workshop.

“These interactive workshops on the smart and connected community allow us at CISCO, with our partners, to assist communities to develop the business opportunities that make sense using the 4th utility as a catalyst, “stated Mr. Atef El Khatib, of CISCO Systems.

“The Rampart Avenir project will be an investment and validation platform for the technologies discussed inthe workshop,” says David Bromley M.Eng., P.Eng, Project Director, Rampart Avenir™ Communities Ltd.
“The combination of the Data Utility, a community and investment capital in the Rampart Avenir project will create a unique innovative environment for technology development and commercialization opportunities for the Capital Region.”


Clean Tech and new films = a busy month for Rampart October 12, 2010

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Rampart Avenir Communities Ltd had a wonderful September where it was able to be part of the inauguration of the Clean Technology Alliance in Alberta. Rampart Avenir was a major sponsor of a clean technology conference that was organized by the Alberta Council of Technologies ( via the hard work of Mr. Perry Kinkaide). We will continue to support this very important new organization.

As many of you know Rampart Films, one of the group of Rampart companies, was also very busy.

Many of you expressed interest in these films so I thought I would forward on to you the information regarding “Cole” coming to Edmonton

A year ago September Rampart had their feature film “Cole” in the renowned Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). They were also proud to screen “Cole” at the Edmonton International Film Festival in 2009 (EIFF). Rampart was honoured again this September to have a second feature film “Repeaters” as a Special Presentation at TIFF resulting in attracting a major Canadian distributor. “Repeaters” also just screened at EIFF.

“Cole” is now being distributed under Sundance Selects VOD channel and will soon be available worldwide to over 350 million households. Rampart is proud to have such phenomenal Canadian Talent involved with both of its operations. Recognising the value of Canadian talent and believing it to be important to showcase it in Canadian theatres, Rampart Films in association with TAJJ Media has decided to bring “Cole” to Edmonton theatres October 15-21.

Both of these films have been directed by Edmonton’s Carl Bessai.



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If you missed the RAMPART FILMS PRODUCTION – COLE at the Edmonton International Film Festival last year, we’ve chosen to bring it back to Edmonton as one of our select cities!

Screening times and how to get tickets for one of the screenings during the week October 15-21 will appear on the link closer to our release date. http://www.cinemaclock.com/theatres/alb/Edmonton/Westmount_Centre.html

Edmonton born, renowned Canadian director Carl Bessai’s COLE, starring Richard de Klerk and Kandyse McClure, to open on Friday October 15 in Edmonton at the Empire Westmount Centre Cinemas!

After its World Premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, COLE has screened at festivals across the country and around the world, winning awards and accolades including Best Canadian Feature Film (Atlantic Film Festival) and a Special Mention by the Russian Critics Jury (Moscow International Film Festival).

Do you ever feel like everyone in the world is counting on you?

Cole Chambers (Richard de Klerk) is a handsome, magnetic, talented young writer with dreams too big for his small town. Frustrated and trapped, Cole has spent his entire life picking up the pieces of his shattered family and using them as the basis for his writing to create an alternate reality. When Cole gets the opportunity to bring his talents to the city, he sees his potential for the first time – that he can get out of his small town and make his life what he had wanted it to be.

Cole spends increasing amounts of time away from home, and falls in love with Serafina, a beautiful black girl from a privileged background with secrets of her own. Shackled to his family by responsibility, Cole finds it increasingly hard to lead a double life and is forced to choose or do the unthinkable: unite his two worlds.

Directed by Carl Bessai (Fathers & Sons, Repeaters, Mothers & Daughters, Normal), COLE will open in Edmonton on Friday October 15.

For more information you can also check out the film’s website: http://www.colethemovie.com


Clean Technology Faces Major Barriers in Alberta September 14, 2010

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Edmonton September 14 – Rampart Avenir will participate in the Alberta’s first Clean Technology Conference where representatives from industry, business, investors, entrepreneurs and policy influencers will establish the Alberta Clean-tech Industry Alliance. The Alliance will address the issues similarly faced by Ontario and British Columbia in determining the best approach to managing the adoption of clean technology.

In Ontario clean energy is being subsidized as much as 70 cents a kilowatt hour and they are facing significant criticism from taxpayers and other sectors of the market who are supposed to be benefiting from the advantages of clean technology. BC is now discussing a similar type of subsidy.

Alberta has the opportunity to learn from the Ontario and British Columbia and develop a superior market-based strategy model to drive clean technology into the market place.

The outcome of the Clean Technology Conference and development of the Industry Alliance will be a plan to introduce clean technology into the marketplace that minimizes market backlash as seen in Ontario, while providing stable returns for investors and long-term benefits to taxpayers.

“The challenge will be to figure out away to leverage capital and expertise of the business world and motivate them to get involved. I believe the Rampart Avenir community project is just the concept to meet this challenge,” says David Bromley M. Eng., P.Eng, and Project Director for Rampart Avenir.

Bromley explains: Winners in this sector will be technologies that have had a high level of market input and validation. The public will only subsidize technology for so long. Technologies that make market sense will create an excellent investment atmosphere and an economic driver..

Rampart Avenir is internationally recognized as North America’s first community development project uses a market-based approach to demonstrating, investing in and evaluating the science of clean technology.

Rampart Avenir platform community provides a transparent market validation process where all three components of the market; end users, utilities/service providers and regulators/policy makers will be involved in the process. This is what makes Rampart Avenir unique. A transparent market validation process that gets past the agenda of the conflicting sectors in the market.

Rampart Avenir is a $1.8 billion clean tech community development project where entrepreneurs, businesses, industry and technology based organizations come together to develop and market validate clean technologies with the intention of moving them through to commercialization and market adoption.

Clean-tech Convention
Red Deer College
Saturday, Sept 18


Rampart Avenir Recognized as a Leader in Developing Sustainable Cities June 8, 2010

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Rampart’s Avenir™ already internationally recognized as North America’s first clean technology living development has now been invited to participate in the prestigious summit – Meeting of the Minds.

This leadership summit for sustainable cities taking place from June 16-18 in Omaha, Nebraska is sponsored by the renowned Kauffman Foundation and the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation. It will bring together more than 100 leaders from 15 countries to discuss development of sustainable communities utilizing clean technology.

Clean tech, defined as technologies that support increased productivity and profitability while also reducing consumption and pollution, has become even more important in today’s environmentally sensitive world.

“Given the current situation in the Gulf of Mexico with North America’s largest oil spill in history continuing to wreak havoc, it’s become more urgent than ever for communities to shift their thinking on living sustainably with less impact on the environment. Rampart’s Avenir™ will become a model community providing a platform for not just clean living but developing real life solutions to today’s daily environmental problems,” says Gerry de Klerk, Chairman and CEO of the Rampart Group of Companies.

“Meeting of the Minds is an intensive exchange for leaders focused on the challenges of creating more sustainable cities while simultaneously improving productivity and community quality of life. It is where innovators in planning and social infrastructure meet innovators in technology, energy, transport, water and finance – all contributing to building more livable cities. We are incredibly pleased to be invited to participate in Meeting of the Minds.” says David Bromley, Rampart’s Avenir™ Project Director.

Rampart’s Avenir™ is a 1.8 Billion dollar advanced clean technology community development to be located in the City of St. Albert, Alberta Canada that brings to the community clear and viable opportunities for economic growth, increased quality of life and prosperity and investment for Alberta’s Capital Region.


Avenir will facilitate advances in energy infrastructure for private vehicle use May 14, 2010

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The auto industry continues to struggle with new energy infrastructure for private vehicles. As much as there is a benefit to mass public transit systems, these types of transportation systems are very expensive and very disruptive in their construction.

Avenir wants to develop technology around the new energy infrastructure for operating a private vehicle in a community.

The problem here is trying to guess what the source of energy is going to be. For years we were excited about the hydrogen fuel cell. One of the main problems with this concept was the infrastructure to provide hydrogen. How was every gas station going to provide hydrogen?

The reality is the market is moving toward the electric engine which we think will be the right choice. The reason this makes sense is because there are numerous energy sources that will create electricity for the private vehicle such as biofuels, hydrogen fuel cells or natural gas.

We see natural gas as having high potential and our favourite source. One of the constant comments is “Why not just use natural gas as the fuel source for private vehicles?” The reason is that although there is an abundance of natural gas, it is still too limiting; some geographical areas do not have natural gas, there are limitations in underground parking facilities, etc but everyone has electricity.

At Avenir, we see natural gas as playing a large role in providing the energy source for private vehicles.

One of the opportunities that we are interested
at Avenir is the use of natural gas with the standard in-home furnace to provide a co-generation capability to produce electrical power. This source of electrical power would be used as the power source for electric vehicles.

The Rampart Avenir™ clean technology community will be an ideal location for the development and validation through market acceptance of advances in energy infrastructure for private vehicle use.