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Rampart Avenir™ Communities Ltd. today announced that it will host a Business Discovery Workshop to explore and discuss the business and economic opportunities of developing a 4th utility – a Data Utility – for communities of the future.

The workshop includes participants such as CISCO Systems, Taylor Warwick and Alberta Innovates
Technology Futures and other influential organizations interested in digital technology and takes place at the new Holes Enjoy Center in St. Albert, May 24 and 25th.

Current basic utilities include power, water and sewage. A Data Utility provides high speed, high volume, and open source electronic data capability to an entire community.

“By integrating a Data Utility into a community of the future we create significant improvements in efficiency management platforms for resources like energy, water and food,” says Gerry de Klerk, CEO of the Rampart Group of Companies.

“Rampart Avenir, intends to build such a Data Utility, to serve the new Rampart’s Avenir™ community development targeted for St Albert. This workshop explores the improved lifestyle and business opportunities surrounding this exciting concept of a Data Utility into communities of the future,” adds de Klerk.

Technology integrators like CISCO Systems call the Data Utility the 4th essential utility for any community. It creates significant business opportunities in tele-presence and platforms to manage key community resources.

It will also provide enhanced and alternative access to health, education, governance and entertainment services. Individuals will have the opportunity to live in the capital region yet work in northern resource development locations using electronic full-environment, virtual platforms.

“A workshop of this nature is key to identifying how future communities will manage their resources and provide services much more efficiently using, in particular, digital technologies,” says Dr. Axel Meisen, Chair of Foresight at Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and a participant in the workshop.

“These interactive workshops on the smart and connected community allow us at CISCO, with our partners, to assist communities to develop the business opportunities that make sense using the 4th utility as a catalyst, “stated Mr. Atef El Khatib, of CISCO Systems.

“The Rampart Avenir project will be an investment and validation platform for the technologies discussed inthe workshop,” says David Bromley M.Eng., P.Eng, Project Director, Rampart Avenir™ Communities Ltd.
“The combination of the Data Utility, a community and investment capital in the Rampart Avenir project will create a unique innovative environment for technology development and commercialization opportunities for the Capital Region.”


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