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Clean Tech and new films = a busy month for Rampart October 12, 2010

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Rampart Avenir Communities Ltd had a wonderful September where it was able to be part of the inauguration of the Clean Technology Alliance in Alberta. Rampart Avenir was a major sponsor of a clean technology conference that was organized by the Alberta Council of Technologies ( via the hard work of Mr. Perry Kinkaide). We will continue to support this very important new organization.

As many of you know Rampart Films, one of the group of Rampart companies, was also very busy.

Many of you expressed interest in these films so I thought I would forward on to you the information regarding “Cole” coming to Edmonton

A year ago September Rampart had their feature film “Cole” in the renowned Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). They were also proud to screen “Cole” at the Edmonton International Film Festival in 2009 (EIFF). Rampart was honoured again this September to have a second feature film “Repeaters” as a Special Presentation at TIFF resulting in attracting a major Canadian distributor. “Repeaters” also just screened at EIFF.

“Cole” is now being distributed under Sundance Selects VOD channel and will soon be available worldwide to over 350 million households. Rampart is proud to have such phenomenal Canadian Talent involved with both of its operations. Recognising the value of Canadian talent and believing it to be important to showcase it in Canadian theatres, Rampart Films in association with TAJJ Media has decided to bring “Cole” to Edmonton theatres October 15-21.

Both of these films have been directed by Edmonton’s Carl Bessai.


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