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Clean Technology Faces Major Barriers in Alberta September 14, 2010

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Edmonton September 14 – Rampart Avenir will participate in the Alberta’s first Clean Technology Conference where representatives from industry, business, investors, entrepreneurs and policy influencers will establish the Alberta Clean-tech Industry Alliance. The Alliance will address the issues similarly faced by Ontario and British Columbia in determining the best approach to managing the adoption of clean technology.

In Ontario clean energy is being subsidized as much as 70 cents a kilowatt hour and they are facing significant criticism from taxpayers and other sectors of the market who are supposed to be benefiting from the advantages of clean technology. BC is now discussing a similar type of subsidy.

Alberta has the opportunity to learn from the Ontario and British Columbia and develop a superior market-based strategy model to drive clean technology into the market place.

The outcome of the Clean Technology Conference and development of the Industry Alliance will be a plan to introduce clean technology into the marketplace that minimizes market backlash as seen in Ontario, while providing stable returns for investors and long-term benefits to taxpayers.

“The challenge will be to figure out away to leverage capital and expertise of the business world and motivate them to get involved. I believe the Rampart Avenir community project is just the concept to meet this challenge,” says David Bromley M. Eng., P.Eng, and Project Director for Rampart Avenir.

Bromley explains: Winners in this sector will be technologies that have had a high level of market input and validation. The public will only subsidize technology for so long. Technologies that make market sense will create an excellent investment atmosphere and an economic driver..

Rampart Avenir is internationally recognized as North America’s first community development project uses a market-based approach to demonstrating, investing in and evaluating the science of clean technology.

Rampart Avenir platform community provides a transparent market validation process where all three components of the market; end users, utilities/service providers and regulators/policy makers will be involved in the process. This is what makes Rampart Avenir unique. A transparent market validation process that gets past the agenda of the conflicting sectors in the market.

Rampart Avenir is a $1.8 billion clean tech community development project where entrepreneurs, businesses, industry and technology based organizations come together to develop and market validate clean technologies with the intention of moving them through to commercialization and market adoption.

Clean-tech Convention
Red Deer College
Saturday, Sept 18


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