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Rampart Avenir Recognized as a Leader in Developing Sustainable Cities June 8, 2010

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Rampart’s Avenir™ already internationally recognized as North America’s first clean technology living development has now been invited to participate in the prestigious summit – Meeting of the Minds.

This leadership summit for sustainable cities taking place from June 16-18 in Omaha, Nebraska is sponsored by the renowned Kauffman Foundation and the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation. It will bring together more than 100 leaders from 15 countries to discuss development of sustainable communities utilizing clean technology.

Clean tech, defined as technologies that support increased productivity and profitability while also reducing consumption and pollution, has become even more important in today’s environmentally sensitive world.

“Given the current situation in the Gulf of Mexico with North America’s largest oil spill in history continuing to wreak havoc, it’s become more urgent than ever for communities to shift their thinking on living sustainably with less impact on the environment. Rampart’s Avenir™ will become a model community providing a platform for not just clean living but developing real life solutions to today’s daily environmental problems,” says Gerry de Klerk, Chairman and CEO of the Rampart Group of Companies.

“Meeting of the Minds is an intensive exchange for leaders focused on the challenges of creating more sustainable cities while simultaneously improving productivity and community quality of life. It is where innovators in planning and social infrastructure meet innovators in technology, energy, transport, water and finance – all contributing to building more livable cities. We are incredibly pleased to be invited to participate in Meeting of the Minds.” says David Bromley, Rampart’s Avenir™ Project Director.

Rampart’s Avenir™ is a 1.8 Billion dollar advanced clean technology community development to be located in the City of St. Albert, Alberta Canada that brings to the community clear and viable opportunities for economic growth, increased quality of life and prosperity and investment for Alberta’s Capital Region.


One Response to “Rampart Avenir Recognized as a Leader in Developing Sustainable Cities”

  1. Doug Cameron Says:

    Congratulations David, that’s a tremendous honour and accomplishment. It’s great to see that others around North America are beginning to see the wisdom of the project and the creative minds behind it. (Hey, drop by and visit that guy who lives in those parts and see if he’s interested in investing!!)

    Have a great time at the summit.


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