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Avenir will facilitate advances in energy infrastructure for private vehicle use May 14, 2010

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The auto industry continues to struggle with new energy infrastructure for private vehicles. As much as there is a benefit to mass public transit systems, these types of transportation systems are very expensive and very disruptive in their construction.

Avenir wants to develop technology around the new energy infrastructure for operating a private vehicle in a community.

The problem here is trying to guess what the source of energy is going to be. For years we were excited about the hydrogen fuel cell. One of the main problems with this concept was the infrastructure to provide hydrogen. How was every gas station going to provide hydrogen?

The reality is the market is moving toward the electric engine which we think will be the right choice. The reason this makes sense is because there are numerous energy sources that will create electricity for the private vehicle such as biofuels, hydrogen fuel cells or natural gas.

We see natural gas as having high potential and our favourite source. One of the constant comments is “Why not just use natural gas as the fuel source for private vehicles?” The reason is that although there is an abundance of natural gas, it is still too limiting; some geographical areas do not have natural gas, there are limitations in underground parking facilities, etc but everyone has electricity.

At Avenir, we see natural gas as playing a large role in providing the energy source for private vehicles.

One of the opportunities that we are interested
at Avenir is the use of natural gas with the standard in-home furnace to provide a co-generation capability to produce electrical power. This source of electrical power would be used as the power source for electric vehicles.

The Rampart Avenir™ clean technology community will be an ideal location for the development and validation through market acceptance of advances in energy infrastructure for private vehicle use.


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