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Avenir will be the perfect location to evaluate and develop business opportunities around new building materials May 12, 2010

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The possibilities for building material in the area of energy efficiency are almost limitless. One of the areas I am very excited about is the new glass materials evolving from nano material science. We see glass insulation and structural capabilities increasing dramatically.

The other major change that will occur is in the area of coatings for surfaces.There are two aspects of interest. These coatings will significantly reduce the need for cleaning surfaces and will significantly increase insulation factors. In addition there are some new natural insulation materials being developed, one of which is being developed in Alberta through hemp production.

Avenir will be the perfect location to evaluate and develop business opportunities around these new building materials.

In fact one of Avenir’s project team members is Enertech Capital who has an excellent expertise in the investment into companies in the building material sector. One such company who was just feature in the MIT panel Global Telecast at NAIT on May 3rd, 2010 is Serious Materials.
Check them out at http://www.seriousmaterials.com and their CEO Kevin Surace who was named 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine.

Another interesting opportunity in the building material sector is information management systems. The University of Alberta is a leader in this technology where an entire building servicing system is monitored for efficiency and provides a predictive capability to reduce building servicing costs. Avenir is very well positioned to develop this information management type technology with the University of Alberta.

The Rampart Avenir™ clean technology community will be an ideal location for the development and validation through market acceptance of advanced building materials and information management systems.

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