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Avenir enables advances in water management that cut energy costs using advanced membrane technologies and new carbide nano materials May 11, 2010

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One of the major impediments to development in the world is the availability of water and one of the major costs in the distribution of water is the need for energy.

By building centralized water treatment plants and centralized sewage treatment plants, water and waste water have to be pumped and conveyed over long distances. As identified in recent studies in California there is a significant economic advantage in recovering waste water at source and reusing it.

For a community the difficulty in reusing water is the need to separate recovered water from potable drinking water. In many communities in the United States there has been the development of a separate recovered water distribution system called the “purple” pipe system. The purple colour designates the water as recovered water. In many locations this water is used for industrial cooling water sources, irrigation and some industrial process waters. There are also communities that use recovered water for domestic toilet water and laundry waters. However separate piping costs are expensive and energy costs in these treatment systems are high.

But, current technological advances in water management are addressing these issues and Avenir – with its complete community concept – will allow these technologies to be evaluated and developed.

The fact is the recovered waters today will have a quality better than most potable water through the use of membrane technologies and now some new distillation technologies. With the evolution of the new carbide nano materials, these energy costs are about to come down significantly.

We anticipate Avenir being a leader in the development of these new nano material membranes.

In addition we also see Avenir as developing a whole new concept in the purple line recovered water systems. If you recall yesterday we talked about enhanced geothermal systems and sanitary sewers as heat exchangers. One of the benefits of the recovered waters in a community is that these waters can also be used as the medium for the heat transfer in these new heat sources (geothermal and sanitary sewers).

As a result the purple line concept, which is expensive when it is solely used as a separate water system for limited domestic use, can also now become a source of warm water for district heating and cooling. This added benefit now makes the economics very attractive for installing a separate purple line recovered water system in communities.

The Rampart Avenir™ clean technology community will be an ideal location for the development and validation through market acceptance of superior water management technology and practice.

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