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Vote Saves the Future of Carrot Creek and Rampart Avenir Project April 27, 2010

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Rampart Avenir is extremely pleased that St. Albert realized the environmental value of Carrot Creek and their agreement to encourage private sector development especially regarding local development of open spaces.

This decision will enable Rampart Avenir™ to take the next steps in the project development that contributes to an increased quality of life, local prosperity and a future that embraces our natural resources.

The discussion at the Council meeting certainly was unanimous about building a St. Albert for the future that meets the CRB requirements as well as the vision of the City.

Each Councilor reiterated in their own words, the fundamental point that what is needed is a plan to develop the community based on what a community of the future needs – transportation, housing, open spaces, seniors access, walk ways, LRT and so on. It was about creating and implementing a state-of-the-art community planning and engineering model for future growth that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. The obvious difficulty all communities are having is how to accomplish the goals of designing and implementing communities that will satisfy the changing demands from regulators and the market.

And that is the fundamental basis for the Rampart’s Avenir™ community development project. It has a strategy to facilitate the identification of the best design concepts and technology to serve the future community. It is a viable economic and strategic solution for St. Albert, Alberta development plans and contributes to their vision of being a “Botanical Garden City”.

Avenir has commissioned a number of studies, performed by the City’s own consultants, which clearly demonstrate that the Avenir plans offer superior benefits to St. Albert. The project is ready to proceed; all development and funding partners are in place. All the required and necessary studies have been completed.

Rampart’s Avenir™ is a 1.8 Billion dollar advanced clean technology community development to be located in the City of St. Albert that brings to the community clear and viable opportunities for economic growth, increased quality of life and prosperity for the Capital Region.

G.J. de Klerk, CEO Rampart Group


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