Rampart Avenir Communities Blog Ltd.

A new community that will be North America's largest clean technology innovation community

The Future of Community Living Celebrates Earth Day Everyday April 22, 2010

Imagine living in a community where in winter you can skate to work on a trail-system of frozen clean, recycled water that meanders through your community while in summer walking or riding a bike to one of Alberta’s unique wetland provincial park through a fully preserved natural eco-corridor.

Or, living in a home that is heated or cooled not by solar or geothermal although those are viable options but with an advanced district energy system where the heat is generated from the natural heat in the communities waste water conveyance utility. The technology responds by heating your home in winter and then works in reverse to cool your home in the summer.

All of these are existing technologies and part of the vision of Gerry de Klerk, principal and CEO of Rampart Avenir Communities Ltd. – to develop the first community in North America that demonstrates and market validates cutting-edge advanced technologies, state-of-the-art community planning and engineering.

Rampart Avenir™ will be the first full-scale application community that demonstrates the use of clean technology in a residential, industrial, institutional and commercial context in five sectors:

1. Local energy production
2. Water recovery and reuse
3. Local food production
4. Advanced building materials and conservation products
5. Vehicle energy infrastructure

“The Rampart Avenir Community project is about utilizing clean technologies that are sustainable – environmentally and economically,” says Gerry J. de Klerk, CEO of Rampart Avenir™. It is our responsibility to ensure all of our future developments must contribute to an increased quality of life, local prosperity and a future that embraces our natural resources.”
“That is why the Rampart Avenir Community project is so exciting; it is addressing these issues and encourages both investments and technology adoption by reducing the risk through market and regulator validation assurance. The investors and the technology experts want to become involved in the project,” adds de Klerk.
The Rampart’s Avenir™ community development project has been proposed as a viable economic and strategic solution for St. Albert, Alberta development plans and contributes to their vision of being a “Botanical Garden City”.

Avenir has commissioned a number of studies, performed by the City’s own consultants, which clearly demonstrate that the Avenir plans offer superior benefits to St. Albert. The project is ready to proceed; all development and funding partners are in place. All the required and necessary studies have been completed.

Rampart Avenir with its partner Melcor Developments and a world class project team consisting of the National Research Council and its National Institute for Nanotechnology, the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto will provide expertise into the selection of technology to be demonstrated in the Avenir Community.

Investment into these technologies will allow them to evolve through a market and regulator acceptance leading to commercialization. All investment portfolios will be managed by Enertech Capital, one of North America’s leading clean technology venture fund managers.


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