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St Albert “Hybrid Smart Growth Plan” lacks in smart growth foresight April 12, 2010

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Recently, St Albert Council addressed the City’s administration regarding hybrid smart growth and the reduction in foot print for development. In general the recommendations are riddled with critical problems regarding the City’s general outlook at development for the land.
These problems are stalling all proposed community development plans for the area to the point they may never happen and the land will be lost to rezoning for industrial designation which was been identified in City studies as unnecessary. The City’s proposal does not make environmental or economic sense.
The key issue is: Where in the annexed lands, which the City obtained from Sturgeon County in 2007, do you put higher density housing and industrial land development? And, how much is needed?
The more land that is used for industrial development results in higher densities in the remaining lands to satisfy the Province’s new criteria for growth areas in the Capital region.
The Rampart’s Avenir™, community development proposal provides a unique solution to St. Albert’s development issues that meet the Capital Region Boards (CRB) requirements, takes into consideration density issues, preserves an endangered eco-corridor, provides residential, commercial and industrial development plans while providing the City an opportunity to be seen world-wide as a leader in community and economic development that is unique to North America and lowers taxes
The Rampart’s Avenir™ community development project is a real-time learning and investment platform community focused on the use of advance technology and material science to demonstrate the application of clean technology in a cross section of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional applications.
And it provides a market based approach to demonstrating, investing and evaluating the science of clean technology.
The Rampart’s Avenir™ community development project is ready to proceed; all development and funding partners are in place. All the required and necessary studies have been completed.

There are three key issues which will be posted separately.


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