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David Bromley Project Director March 16, 2010

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There are similarities between MASDAR and Avenir but one of the key differences , I believe, is the investment strategy for Avenir. We are investing in local management teams with expertise in areas than can manage specific clean tech business opportunities. Typically this group is the service provider/utility/builder in a community who have strong management teams and are interested in directionally changing or expanding their business into specifically related clean tech opportunities to serve their area of influence. In this regard Avenir will invest in this management team and the specific business plan. We see this group “pulling” technology up into their operations and from that we can see which technologies are going to be accepted by the market which then allows us to make further investment into market accepted technologies. We consider this approach a more risk adverse for the investor. My understanding of the MASDAR approach is to entice technologies to come to MASDAR with their development/ management teams. We see this as riskier in that for this to occur there is a need to commit to investment in  the technology before it is market validated at MASDAR and secondly the management team has to move to MASDAR. We would welcome any input you can provide on what we are doing at Avenir and particularly any business opportunities in the clean tech sector as it relates to servicing and building communities. Just go to rampart avenir facebook

David Bromley M.Eng.,P.Eng. Project Director


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