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Discussions February 27, 2010

Rampart Avenir Communities Ltd.


Rampart Avenir Communities Ltd. is a subsidiary of Rampart Capital Corp. a British Columbia and Alberta Corporation.
In 2002 Rampart Capital Corp. became a family investment company focusing on three main investment activities.

  1. The development of 317 acres the company owns through two Alberta subsidiary companies in the Capital region of Edmonton Alberta. Rampart Avenir Communities Ltd was created and trademarked to facilitate this development.
  2. The investment in film through its subsidiary Production Company, Rampart Films Inc of Vancouver and Los Angeles and its SEC compliant subsidiary Rampart Studios Inc. domiciled in Delaware.
  3. The exploration of a gold mining property in California, through its SEC compliant subsidiary Dutch Oven Gold Group Inc. of Delaware.

Rampart Capital Corp. established in 1983, acted as an investment intermediary serving European institutional and wealthy private clients for investments in North America until its 2002 transformation to a family operated Investment Company. Rampart’s principals were instrumental in the completion of projects in the United States and Canada with a total dollar value in excess of $800,000,000.


2 Responses to “Discussions”

  1. Johanna McIntosh Says:

    Attended last night the Symposium on Clean Technology – I moderated the panel discussion on lifestyle change.

    We covered a lot of topics including the fossil fuel debate, but trying not to dwell on a single part of a much bigger story, we came back to all of the aspects of clean technology and what needs to happen for people to adopt new practices in their homes, businesses etc. I will give you some of our discussion headlines.

    Lifestyle change happens when it is not an inconvenient. readily available in our lives, made easy and cost effective for people to adopt.

    Facilitate the ability for business to participate in getting their innovative clean technology products to market. Create an advanced manufacturing capability so production happens locally.

    This facilitation should come from industry, intra-industry and government working together to enable a market-driven need for clean technology adoption in our communities, homes, businesses – lifestyles.

    Again, industry, intra-industry and government need to work together to TIMELY ensure the standards, regulations and policies are in place to facilitate development and not hinder it.

    Key is the consumer should not be one to pay the brunt of costs associated with adoption. Make it easy to chane not difficult. Policies need to reflect this.

    This type of approach creates a market pull strategy or market demand for adoption as opposed to the current model of a push strategy where government and industry are pushing technology which results in really great prototypes but not end user produc in the market.

  2. Rampart Avenir Communities Blog Says:

    There was a great turn out to last nights open house in St. Albert and lots of great questions were addressed.

    One of my favorites was about lifestyle change and can we really expect Albertan’s to give up their McMansions in the burbs, the SUV or Hummer in the driveway? And for that matter do we expect area farmers, or people in the north part of our province to drive Smart Cars?

    And that is the point about this project. It is about adapting to what we realistically can adapt to enabling Albertan’s and for that matter the general public to participate in what realistically we can.

    The market may demand tighter densities because it is more fun place to live. On the other hand may be we have larger houses that are self sustaining incorporating advanced technologies that allow you to install power saving systems so you can monitor low and peak consumption times and decide when you want to run your heavy appliances – low times costing you less than at peak times.

    Or, installing power generating technologies that allow you to generate your own power and that you can contribute back to the grid what you don’t use.

    Or, underground sewer systems that generate heat, for district heating systems

    That is why we like this project so much because it allows the market to have meaningful input into the technology and the business of clean technology.

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